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Is Pencil Pirates for me?

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You deal in words


  • a writer

  • a content creator

  • an educator

  • an academic

  • a business leader​

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You have ideas 

You have important ideas to share, stories to tell and problems to solve that could inspire audiences to action and buy your expertise.

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Words are failing

Audiences aren’t listening.

Your ideas, your expertise & your impact languish in unread tweets, blog posts, reports or presentations.

Atomic visuals

Pencil Pirates is an e-course that teaches writers how to create compelling visual stories, so you can go from idea to action in 5 mins.



Are you writing online, but not getting the attention you hoped for?​

Do you have lots of ideas, but struggle to communicate them clearly through words alone?


Are you longing to be a visual communicator, but feel like you don’t have the skills or know where to start?

If any of these sound familiar,
Pencil Pirates is for YOU, me'hearty!

What the crew on Twitter are saying:

Learning how to create atomic visuals will help you:


✏️Visualise ideas in under 5 minutes.

🧠 Help audiences get you in less than a second

🔧 Build your following , so you can leverage your expertise, sell that E-course, write that book or change your career

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How atomic visuals work

Atomic visuals tell the story of an idea in less than a second, created in under five minutes, & boost engagement by 400%.

Here's why

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The mindset shifts you need to become a prolific atomic visualiser

All beginner visualisers face the same 3 mental blocks

  • I can’t draw

  • Drawing makes me less credible

  • Written words only form of knowledge creation


You’ll reframe your mindset and free your creativity to think clearly, draw in public & share your ideas visually at lightning speed.

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The frameworks you’ve been missing to visualise ANY IDEA

Drawing ideas isn’t hard…once you know how.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find the ‘golden nugget’ ideas that are worth turning into visual leverage

  • The 3 step process to visualise anything that Pirate Queen Laura used to create a 6 figure visual storytelling business

  • The fundamentals of visual language to draw absolutely anything

  • Over 30 different visual frameworks to create atomic visual stories immediately.

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Through Pencil Pirates, you'll learn:

The tools you need to create compelling visual stories

‘I don’t have the tools’ is a lie that you might be telling yourself to stop you getting started.

Whether you have just a pen, paper & smartphone; or a tricked out iPad with Apple Pencil & procreate, you’ll learn the design theory, timelapse animation techniques and social media posting tips to create visuals that resonate every time.


No matter what tools you are using.

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The knowledge and community to draw in public, consistently

You aren’t alone on this adventure on the visual high seas.

Join a community of over 150 other #pencilpirates building their leverage online through visuals.

You’ll get exclusive invites to Pirate Scrawl Brawls - weekly 1 hour zoom sessions to get feedback on your work, hold you accountable & learn from one other.

And the option to join the Pencil Pirates slack space and Twitter list to ride the visual waves, together.

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What you'll get

$299 gets you:

⚙️ 5 modules you can work through at your own pace crammed with live examples, frameworks & downloadable templates to visualise your ideas. These will be released to you WEEKLY, for 5 weeks, onboarding starting on 13th August 2022

🚪Lifetime access to the e-course so you can revisit your learning, whenever you want

💬 Private slack space community to develop your learnings, network & get feedback on your ideas

📤 Invites to the weekly Pirate Scrawl Brawl - a 1 hour zoom session for Q&As, visualisation practice & accountability

🎇 A portfolio of atomic visuals you've created throughout the course, ready to share online

⭐️ BONUS e-book and Procreate and Canva template kit (eBook released end of May) for the reduced add on price of $35 (usually $50)


Atomic Visuals 101: ebook


Atomic Visuals 101 covers everything that Laura has learned in the last 10 years about making ideas visual to drive change.

Part E-book, part sketchnote novella, you’ll learn the science, process & tools to start leveraging your ideas through atomic visuals, in lightning quick time.



The Template Treasure Chest


Want the pre-built tools & templates to ship your visuals & leverage your expertise at DOUBLE SPEED?

The template treasure chest includes:

  • Custom procreate brushes

  • Custom procreate icon packs

  • Procreate visual framework templates

  • Canva icon packs

  • Canva visual framework templates

  • Bonus tutorials on how to use them


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Meet your Pirate Queen, Laura


Pencil Pirates is the golden treasure of award winning visual storyteller, Laura Evans Hill.

Founder of Nifty Fox Creative and ex-social researcher, she’s created atomic visuals for organisations all over the world to make the complex simple & drive change - from Siemens & NatWest, through to the UN, International parliaments & over 50 universities.

Atomic visuals helped Laura:

📈 Build a six figure business, in 18 months

👍 Sell £3k of e-course Infotopia, in under a week

🐥Increase Twitter audience by 451% in 21 days, gave birth to PP! 

Atomic visuals could help you:

🙋‍♀️ Build your audience

💰Build your product revenue

💼 Build your career

Want a flavour of what to expect?

  • How much does this cost?
    Other drawing & visual thinking courses cost $600 and upwards. The goal at Pencil Pirates is to get your life changing ideas out there fast and make knowledge accessible for all. That’s why we’re offering it for £247 / $299. We are pirates after all .
  • What's the schedule of when things will be released?
    The Onboarding Module will be released on August 13th, with the course starting in full on August 20th. You'll have access to the Template Treasure Chest immediately if you purchase at checkout, and the ebook will be mailed to you at launch at end of May/June.
  • What's the time commitment?
    The E-course is self paced, with modules released to you on a weekly schedule. Each week, it will take you around an hour to review the e-course content, and an hour for the weekly Scrawl Brawls (usually on a Friday or Saturday) to embed your learning. You can also attend our optional mid week Visual Critique sessions to level up your visualisation skills. Everything is recorded though if you can't make it! So a minimum of 2 hours a week for 5 weeks = 10 hours in total. You can revisit and review course content at anytime and view it as much as you like!
  • Do I have to be able to draw to do this?
    Nope! You can’t draw YET, you’ll learn how. BUT all the frameworks can be applied to other visualisation tools like Canva, and Adobe illustrator too. You’ll also get access to FREE icons, illustrations & templates to help you too.
  • I'm doing Ship 30 for 30 - can I do this too?
    Pencil Pirates is the perfect companion to Ship 30 - it will help you write faster, ship quicker and build your audience engagement when visuals are combined with your essays.
  • Can visuals really help me build my leverage and career online?
    100%. It’s working for 150 Pencil Pirates & worked for Laura, who worked in academia (the Realm of Words!) before becoming a Pirate Queen. Atomic visuals have helped Laura: 📈Build a six figure business in 18 months 💰Sell out an e-course in a week 🐥Build a Twitter audience by 451% in 21 days, which gave birth to Pencil Pirates She's not special - you can achieve this too!
  • Can't I just find this info on the internet for free?
    If you have a solid 24 hours to scour the Twitter high seas, then yeah, maybe. Go for it if you have the time & white knuckle commitment! We salute you! But why do that when Pencil Pirate packages it up in 4 hours worth of content, with free templates, frameworks and training to help you?
  • I was part of the Pencil Pirate Beta Zoom Call. How will this be different?
    Firstly, thanks me’hearty! You got this E-course off the ground. Secondly, we only had an hour in that call, and PP was still a baby. In this E-course you’ll build on that learning with 3 hours worth of extra content, downloadable templates, extra tools, join a community, AND get access to the Scrawl Brawl. Stay aboard!
  • I'm good at drawing already. Is this still for me?
    Absolutely. You’ll learn the frameworks, storytelling structures and techniques to apply your skill to share ideas lightning fast & with impact, so your drawing abilities are no longer hidden away in games of Pictionary.
  • Nice course, but I can't afford it. Help!?"
    We get it. We offer a limited number of stowaway scholarships to join the crew for a reduced price. Fill in our application form here.

Still got questions?

Stop just writing in public.
drawing in public too.

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